Colloque International Futurs urbains
Enjeux interdisciplinaires émergents pour comprendre, projeter et fabriquer la ville de demain
Université de Paris-Est, 16-18 janvier 2013


Titre : The Urban Impacts of Globalisation and Geopolitical Ambitions in Doha, Qatar. The Case of Qatar Foundation’s Education City Campus

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  • Agatino Rizzo, (Qatar University)


According to recent economic statistics, the Arab Gulf Region is one of the fastest economies in the world. Amongst these countries, Qatar is gaining increasing attention from the media and the international community for its growing economic and geopolitical relevance. As result of these latter driving forces and public funded mega-projects, urban development in Doha is booming. However, the side effect of this so-called “instant urbanism” has been more local, urban fragmentation. In this paper by analysing with a qualitative approach Qatar Foundation’s Education City, we argue that while this mega-project is physically disconnected from the rest of the city, it exchanges flows of information and people with other urban localities around the world to produce knowledge and innovation in Qatar.